Salah ft Sim, Dany and Mamson freestyle dance at QLD Flood Appeal @ Pumphouse in Sydney

World famous dancer and entertainer Salah and his friends generously donate their time to raise funds for the Sydney Salsa Community's Queensland Flood Appeal. Watch Salah's moving tribute, his wise words of why he wanted to participate and show his love, then an awesome AWESOME freestyle set from his teammate Sim (Vagabonds Crew, France), Dany (Adictos Crew, Spain) and Mamson (House Dance International winner, France). So inspiring!!!

At Ace Dance Studios we were inspired to create a similar event for this coming Saturday 29th Jan 2011. Check out our facebook page or website for updates.

Great job and thanks to the Sydney Salsa community for organising, Jess for bringing Salah and Mamson, Pumphouse and Novotel for providing the venue free of charge!
Рубрика: Popping.
Теги: Salah
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1. reno-1 [2011-04-30 20:57:40]
волшебник, + , рекомендую
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2. sancho25 [2011-05-02 22:34:23]
а скачать нельзя?!
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3. ASKHA [2011-05-03 09:48:22]
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4. andrey1995 [2011-05-03 12:12:01]
Как обычно) просто супер)
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Автор: ASKHA
Добавлено: 2011-04-30 09:49:20

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