Уличные танцы - удивительно!!! и весело!!! всем смотреть!!!

SUBSCRIBE!!! To be a Witness 4 JESUS/YAHUSHUA paid heavy price 4 you, HE chose to die in our place on the Cross for our sins, guilt and shame.. YES! He has Triumphed over the power of death. Get your free gift of Salvation (This, I know Bec I met HIM! in 1990, Before then, I Believed no God) View all my videos

Hi, My Name is David Joshua N, I am a business man. YAHUSHUA healed me from deadly back pain in 2007. If none of this (GOD/HEAVEN) is real, I wouldnt waste my time. I have encountered Heaven and Hell. I testify and I am witness to The Truth, and nothing but the Truth

HE IS. For real, The SON of GOD, Saviour who is Alive & Well. When I was little, I questioned myself, who made the universe & people? Now I know,
There is Almighty GOD who created the Universe and everything in it. HE's AMAZING & AWESOME. Taste & See how Good The LORD is

Get your free Forgiveness TODAY & be set free from the fear of death.
I testify HIS LOVE cast all fears & hurts & wipe away all tears.
Do you fear death?
Рубрика: Брейк данс.
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1. vadim459 [2011-09-17 14:37:29]
у них там одна акробатика
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2. zhidky [2011-10-08 14:05:23]
а ты попробуй сделай!
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Автор: Romul
Добавлено: 2011-09-14 23:59:12

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