Hey Youtube!
Today this track overcame me aaand I made a small video.
The story behind this one is that these anonym ghost inside of my soul is getting more control about my life. But its not only bad, because I have "him" and he has me, so we are not alone. Try to be satisfied with yourself and your life.. and you will be happy. ;)

Enjoy it, leave comments about what you think, if you like it and so on. You know the deal.
Thx for supporting and have a nice day!

Track: The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki Warp 1.9 (DJ Asatin Remix)
Рубрика: Shuffle.
Теги: Wingzero616
Длительность: 0:56 | Просмотров: 914 | Комментариев: 1 | +
1. snake72 [2012-06-29 19:23:48]
это c-walk
Вверх -1 Вниз
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Автор: Swayne
Добавлено: 2012-06-29 19:04:01

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