Exclusive: Chachi Gonzales, Les Twins & Smart Mark || "High Pressure" by SoFly

World of Dance presents Chachi Gonzales of IaMmE, Les Twins, and Smart Mark of Academy of Phresh in this exclusive collaboration right after World of Dance Los Angeles 2012. Stay tuned for more from your favorite freestyle dancers and dance crews.

"High Pressure" by SoFly

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Directed and edited by Jonathan Shih
Filmed by Jonathan Shih, Rod Jonas, Rachel Moorer, and Keith Tripler
Рубрика: Hip-hop.
Теги: kj
Длительность: 4:23 | Просмотров: 2146 | Комментариев: 1 | +
1. thehoreograf [2012-05-03 18:03:34]
очень технично, как всегда радуют!!!! :-)
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Автор: loonyboyelectro
Добавлено: 2012-05-03 15:00:58

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