Фламенко. Нелли Сюпюр в Праге - 2012

Nelli Syupyur (Нелли Сюпюр) is a professional choreographer, a traditional flamenco dancer, a Member of the National Union of Choreographers of Ukraine, the winner of "Ukrainian Open Cup-2009", the gold medalist of the International Dance Festival " Zvyozdi Arbata", the "Gran-Prix of the Carpatians-2010" first prize winner, the XVI International Festival "Zolotiy Leleka" jury member, the prime mover and organizer of the First Ukrainian Open Festival of Flamenco and Latin American Culture, and of numerous concerts of ethnic music. She also directed her own shows "Nelli Syupyur invites" and she is the director of her own flamenco studio (Kiev, Odessa).
Professional career of Nelli Syupyur started when she was only five years old -- that was the time of her first appearance on the stage. Eventually she decided to make the dance not only her career, but the focal point of her life. Nelli Syupyur graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts' Popular Dance Department. During several
Рубрика: Фламенко.
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