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comfort and the amazing twitch bring back the ''IV REAL'' again to the show with one of the memorable hip hop dances (forever-Chris Brown) choreographed...
2012-06-29 04:19:01
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 2:56
If You Think You Could Dance Season 7: Alex Wong and Twitch Hip Hop Routine Song from: Lil Jon & LM*AO - Outta Your Mind Produced by: Dick Clark Productions...
2012-06-29 03:11:01
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 1:53
Ashley Galvan & Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval dancing pretty awsome Hip-Hop in "So you think you can dance".
2012-06-28 23:40:01
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 2:16
my officially favorite hip hop routine this season!! i have to be honest with ya "i watched this routine like 20 times" and i never sick of it.. i wonder...
2012-06-18 05:43:01
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 1:56
the most awesome hip hop routine in so you think you can dance i have ever seen, it took a long time to upload though there's a lot of videos like this,...
2012-06-14 01:54:01
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 2:06
Вот как должна танцевать Девушка - любимая Chachi
2012-06-06 00:50:02
Автор: thehoreograf
Длительность: 2:25
You Got Served Battlefield America (2012) Battlefield America takes a steady look at the underbelly of the youth battle dance culture in Long Beach, California....
2012-05-22 20:46:05
Автор: alekdj
Длительность: 2:14
Хореография Tabitha и Napoleaon
2012-03-20 22:39:39
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 1:54
This is a clip from the tv show, So You Think You Can Dance, of the lyrical hip-hop routine performed by Ryan and Ricky. The music in the background is...
2012-03-18 12:54:15
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 1:49
Ashleigh and Jakob - Hip Hop Музыка: Jason Derulo - Whatcha say
2012-03-18 12:53:44
Автор: ced009
Длительность: 2:04

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